I don’t know heaps about The Strangers but I think it’s Hubert Eaves III from D-Train getting loose in 1983 with his mates from Mtume; Howard King (later in Network), Raymond Jackson (ex-Aurra, also later in Network) and Edward Moore. This post over on the Prince forums suggests a few more regular D-Train players were involved.

Although the b-side to to the pretty good “Wanna Take Your Body” this track is def the star of this particular piece of plastic melted into a three dimensional circle with a diameter of twelve inches.

Dancefloor-conducting bodywork synth, lazily written but tightly played Oberheim bassline, robo-claps, guitars that go 3/4 of the way around a slow-motion whirlwind and vocals split down the middle between studio chant and vocoder creep: this track is an undisputed afterparty lava waterfall.


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