Produced by Warren Doris, this one shares a lot with Affinity’s “Don’t Go Away” and Les Femmes’ “Yes, You Thrill Me” in its space, shimmer and casual incentive to move. All three are pretty good so I can’t really fault Warren Doris here.

Keith Pole’s first release, with his band UXB, “Sting Me”/“Your Starring” is great too but weirdly was only released in the Benelux region via Rainbow/Polygram (as far as I can tell from Discogs and this YouTube comment by Keith). That racks it up to at least three really solid Keith Pole cuts in/around 1983 but then things seem to suddenly dry up for quite a while. Would love to hear more from him from this period in time if it’s out there.

UPDATE 19/05/14
Keith Pole shedding a bit more light on the Warren Doris connection in YouTube comments here; with regards  to Affinity’s “Don’t Go Away”:

“I really enjoyed playing guitar on this jammy and working with Warren Doris (producer on my hit “Fulfill Your Fantasy” 1985 SuperTronics & Dierdre Hart (vocalist) Also Melissa Bell (backgrounds)”

What a legend. Interestingly, Discogs doesn’t have any versions released on SuperTronics listed and none of the Mango versions credit Keith for guitar or either of the ladies for vocals (although “D. Heart” gets a co-writing credit).


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