Cool bit of stripped back boogie semi-rap written and produced by Red Greg Carmichael.

The eagle-eyed will note that the Sun Trek Records centre label looks the same as on Transrecords, Catch Records and In Groove Records releases. Whether these are all different ventures in the Red Greg Production Universe or just the result of one hustling 80s NYC designer/typesetter – I don’t know.


This one’s a fun and loose dancer from Renata Romano / Rena Romano / Rena Feeney. No need to spend too much energy on being a “singer” when you just wanna have a good time and/or own the label. Throw in an excited drummer, a soggy Moog and a splashy Simmons Clap Trap and you’ve got something going.

The track’s about as simple as it first sounds but you could remove some elements and it’d probably hit even harder.


Lemelle’s “You Got Something Special” just got reissued so thought I’d give some shine to the project’s other track, “A Man Like You”, released the following year on the same label and involving mostly the same people.

A tight and bouncy bassline, big claps and a great vocal from Cindy Mizelle – you can’t go wrong.


The Phoenician is Bruno Kassar, who you may know better as Michael Heart or the singer in The Creatures. “Thunder & Lightning” is the only track he did under this particular alias before moving on to Michael Heart and then ultimately Firefly 5.

Although containing a seasick, semi-elastic bassline not entirely unlike Imagination’s “Changes” from a year earlier, it’s firmly Italo in both its sentiment and vivid array of unnecessary flourishes.

The cover art is a stylistically brilliant although regrettably racist fusion of Middle Eastern antiquity and the Paninari’s view of 1983 America. I’m not sure what the bunless hot dog franks signify.

My copy of this, as you will hear, is unfortunately in non-VG condition.


Produced by Warren Doris, this one shares a lot with Affinity’s “Don’t Go Away” and Les Femmes’ “Yes, You Thrill Me” in its space, shimmer and casual incentive to move. All three are pretty good so I can’t really fault Warren Doris here.

Keith Pole’s first release, with his band UXB, “Sting Me”/“Your Starring” is great too but weirdly was only released in the Benelux region via Rainbow/Polygram (as far as I can tell from Discogs and this YouTube comment by Keith). That racks it up to at least three really solid Keith Pole cuts in/around 1983 but then things seem to suddenly dry up for quite a while. Would love to hear more from him from this period in time if it’s out there.

UPDATE 19/05/14
Keith Pole shedding a bit more light on the Warren Doris connection in YouTube comments here; with regards  to Affinity’s “Don’t Go Away”:

“I really enjoyed playing guitar on this jammy and working with Warren Doris (producer on my hit “Fulfill Your Fantasy” 1985 SuperTronics & Dierdre Hart (vocalist) Also Melissa Bell (backgrounds)”

What a legend. Interestingly, Discogs doesn’t have any versions released on SuperTronics listed and none of the Mango versions credit Keith for guitar or either of the ladies for vocals (although “D. Heart” gets a co-writing credit).