I bought this one mostly for “Shake” and “Stand Up” (very strong start to Side B) but there’s a few more tracks on here worth a listen too. Pretty classic combination of stuff in terms of what I like: simple drums, squiggly synths, synth bass (sometimes with bit of real bass darting around on top of it) and vocals that are only as good as they need to be. Greg Phillinganes is in there on keys too.


Another big and splashy snare/clap(/burst of white noise) here along with an always welcome squiggly synth. Brenda Watts’ lead vocal (and the lyrical content) against the pretty slappin’ instrumental leave you in this kind of emotional Bermuda Triangle where you’re not sure if you’re happy for her realising where she’s at, sad for her because of how she got there or happy for yourself because you’re getting down to this track.

Elliot Roscoff Executive Produced it, along with Charisma’s “Love Treatment” (also ft. Brenda Watts) and Raven’s “So In Love” (ft. Jocelyn Brown) – both since reissued by Omaggio. My copy of the “So In Love” reissue just arrived in the post, here’s what Omaggio have got to say about the man:

I’ve stuck the instrumental here for you too. Probably about three In Flagranti songs worth of samples in there ready to go.

Lastly, RIP Windows Movie Maker, the Movie Maker Magic is gone.


A good song about having a good time. Low-slung layered bass swinging around in the bottom end, hot synths up the top and some real thick vocoder.

I saw a comment on YouTube, Discogs or somewhere else a while ago saying it’s Tawatha Agee on the vocal but can’t confirm.


A pretty fun and physical mover this one! Written, produced and arranged by Joey Badlotto (excellent name) who seems to have existed in the same universe as Patrick Adams, Red Greg Carmichael and Leroy Burgess based on his late 70’s credits with Bumblebee Unlimited, The Universal Robot Band and Inner Life. A couple of years after “Do It” he hits a similar level of fun and physicality with Sizzle’s “Keep On Tryin'” on Sutra (which is probably worth flipping straight over to the dub if playing it outside the home). Neither are exercises in virtuosity or rocket science but something he does just hits the spot.

This one’s the only release on Ursa Records as far as Discogs or I am aware. Huge shame because that silver ink looks phenomenal against the¬†blue label.